garden to vase. 

In 2016, I launched Garden to Vase, a digital course in cultivating cut flowers.

The only course of its kind, Garden to Vase provides floral designers and aspiring growers with a step-by-step digital guide to growing cut flowers.

Attracting students from all over the world, the curriculum is designed exclusively for the cut flower gardener.

Learn how to create a beautiful, thriving garden and grow any cut flower you want.

Enrolment for the course opens several times a year.   

fantastic results...

Iā€™m seeing some fantastic results from the Garden to Vase course. It truly is a wonderful resource and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

ā€” Kelly


I occasionally offer classes at Red Damsel Farm, my home, garden and studio in the Pacific Northwest.

Stay tuned for more info. 




a true inspiration...

Clare is like no florist I have ever worked with before. She takes the beauty of what nature provides and turns it into art. It's amazing to watch her create, as she snips bits of fresh greenery and flowers from her farm or forages branches from a local path. Her work is a true reflection of seasonal inspiration and an appreciation for wild beauty. Her ability to work with clients, to know their love story and create florals and an atmosphere that encompass that, is unmatched. As someone who has a background in both farming and the wedding industry, it's rare to find someone with a shared passion for both. She creates beauty without compromise. She is natural yet refined, with a warm demeanor and unbelievable drive. She is an artist, a designer, a farmer and forager and to me a true inspiration.

Kelly, Kelly Brown Photography