Coming soon...

It's been just over a year since I first had the idea of creating a digital course on cultivating cut flowers. It's been an amazing year. All through the fall and winter I created the content and the course membership site, and launched for the first time this spring. 

The reason I started growing flowers, about 8 years ago, was because I had just moved here to this beautiful farm and wanted to support the local bees and other native pollinators. But the reason I kept growing flowers was because they became a major creative outlet for me, and helped me launch and define my floral design business. 

Right now, dozens of students from all over the world get the chance to login to the site anytime they need to and find the exact tools, strategies and info they need to help them grow the most beautiful cut flowers possible. There are floral designers like myself, dreaming of creating their own cutting garden. There are aspiring growers who want to provide the raw beauty for others to design with. There are women getting married next year who want to grow their own wedding's an amazing community. 

Since I started my business, the floral design industry has changed dramatically. Whereas it used to be the rare bride looking for a garden-inspired aesthetic, it's now almost every person I encounter. Having my own cutting garden has allowed me to work with clients I never would have otherwise. It's been a game charger for me and I know it has for many other designers. Look at Saipua and Ariella Chezar - they've both started their own farms in response to the demand for the freshest, most unique flowers from their clientele (and they are both doing such a beautiful job!). 

In a few weeks, Garden to Vase opens again. I'm busy working behind-the-scenes to get everything ready, and also creating some exciting new content that will be added to the course this fall. 

Curious? Head on over to to learn more.