Free Training: how to create a thriving cut flower garden


Dahlias are among the easiest cut flowers to grow. That said, they are a magnet for destructive (and vile) earwigs. If you're growing flowers to design with, the last thing you want are earwigs crawling around in the finished designs! 

Starting October 4th I'm offering a free training on cultivating cut flowers where I show you how you can remove earwigs from the equation once and for all. No tricks or chemicals or shortcuts - just proven organic gardening techniques that can help you grow the most beautiful and healthy flowers possible.

What you'll learn will apply to dahlias, but also all sorts of cut flowers - roses, peonies, hydrangea and more. 

Sign up now to reserve your spot! 

p.s. This free video training series will only be available for a limited time. The entire training will run from October 1st through 17th and then will disappear. 

UPDATE: The training is now closed for the season.