The Secret To Growing Amazing Cut Flowers

One of the most common questions I get is how to feed and nurture flowers to provide the best, most abundant blooms possible. 

My answer, which is counterintuitive and goes against conventional gardening wisdom, is to not focus on the flowers

Sounds crazy I know. But when we focus on the flowers in isolation, we tend to overdo it. We overwater, overfeed, and overreact when things go wrong. But more importantly, we tend to block out the rest of the garden and forget how everything is linked. And this sort of thinking can set us up for all sorts of problems down the road.

Imagine if you just relied on coffee (standard fertilizers) instead of eating a rich diet of healthy foods and vitamins (amendments, bio-stimulants and inoculants). The former gives you short term results that you end up becoming dependent on while the latter builds long term health and resiliency.

In my own garden, I rarely use any type of standard NPK fertilizer (and if I do, it's only after a soil test). Instead, I work primarily with inoculants, biostimulants and amendments - compost, leaf mulch, various kinds of foliar teas, etc. - and have great results. It's more of a whole foods approach to gardening.

This way, I'm supporting the health of the garden ecosystem as a whole, and enhancing the existing functions of the garden that will allow my flowers to thrive. 

And they do! I grow flowers that are naturally healthy, abundant and profuse. 

It’s really so simple. 

If you really want to grow amazing flowers, shifting your thinking about how you tend your garden is the ideal first step.